Interview with Phil Beauchesne

Recently we interviewed Canadian producer and songwriter Phil Beauchesne.

Phil Beauchesne (also known as “Philip Oak”) is a music producer, songwriter and composer from Lac-Brome, QC, Canada and has written and produced songs of multiple genres for artists, video ads, podcasts (jingles), online learning programs, short films and more.

In 2021, country-folk artist Simon Lemay contacted Philip to help him produce his first song. The song quickly came to life and as soon as it was released, it gained over 50 000 views on YouTube and some radio stations even added it to their rotation. The duo kept working together and in May 2023, Simon Lemay released a 3rd single called Camping, a festive French-Country song. This one quickly climbed up the chart and landed at number 1 on the radio in August. The 2 previous singles now have over 100,000 views on YouTube and the artist’s very first single still airs on the radio, even 3 years after its release.

Thanks so much for talking to us Phil and congratulations on the success of Camping. Tell us more about how the song came together.
“Camping” was actually the first country song I ever produced… and it went to number 1 on the radio! Before that, I did plenty of projects in the genres of pop, folk and alternative, but I never had to work on a real country project. It was so fun to work remotely with these crazy good collaborators (Jim Riley from Rascal Flatts, Simon Daigle, Patrick Lyons, Brandon Bankes and more). This song led to more country projects to produce, and I’ve been enjoying working on this genre ever since!

You mentioned to us previously that many of the musicians included in this release were hired on AirGigs, who was involved in the recording process?

Producer, acoustic guitar and background vocals: Phil Beauchesne

Drums: Jim Riley

Harmonica: Alex Paclin

Electric guitar: Patrick Lyons

Pedal steel: Brandon Bankes

We’ve also worked with Yoed Nir (cello) for other songs on the album.

What motivates you to make music?
Creativity! For me, music is about finding ways to share a message, share a specific emotion. It won’t happen if the music is too generic or if the production isn’t right for the song. I can go for a sound that’s very minimalistic or big/anthemic or even weird if it’s what the song needs. It’s this creative process that motivates me every single day. And obviously, it’s always fun and rewarding when the artists and I get a good response from the public whenever a new song is put out!

What are some accomplishments that you are proud of?
– “Camping” (production, acoustic guitar, back vocals) by Simon Lemay climbs up to number 1 on a radio station.
– Some independent artists I have produced have been offered record deals after working with me.
– Several songs I have produced are playing on radio stations and/or have been featured on Quebec’s morning show “Salut Bonjour”.
– Over 500,000 online streams for songs I have produced and written for various artists.
– Over 1,000,000 views on my TikTok in 2023.

Who would you say are your primary influences?
Producers: Jack Antonoff, Travis Barker, FINNEAS, Butch Walker, Aaron Dessner.
Artists: Coldplay, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Jack Johnson, Blink-182 and so much more.

What’s next?
I hope I get to keep working with amazing artists of different genres! I’ve also been working on the “corporate side” lately, creating music for commercial projects. It’s different and challenging, but very fun. As long as I get to make a living out of producing music, I’ll be happy 🙂


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