How To Prep Song Sketches For Studio Musicians (In Logic Pro),

In this video, Aaron Cloutier shares some awesome tips on how to prepare a rough musical idea to send out to professional studio musicians.

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Aaron shows us how to quickly take a rough musical concept and translate that into a decent sounding rough demo using basic tools that come stock with Logic Pro.

This tutorial is geared to songwriters who don’t have extensive experience with digital audio production tools, but want to better articulate their musical ideas without a big learning curve.

You’ll learn how to get setup to record and how set levels and monitoring settings. He shows you to record a basic guitar guide track, and then how to easily add drums using Logic’s drummer function. Then he goes deeper into some simple ways to edit the feel and groove of the drums to really convey the essence of the groove you want a session drummer to play.

Then he ties it all together with some tips for laying vocal melody ideas down, and getting them to sound better with some basic plugin effects.

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