Artist Spotlight: “When Will You See” By Lane Marie

On January 23rd, artist Lane Marie released the song “When Will You See.” This song is the first single she’s released since 2021. In this post we’re going to take a look at Lane Marie’s story, the story behind the song, and the process of making it. Let’s dive in!

Who’s Lane Marie?

Lane Marie is an indie pop artist born, raised, and based out of Athens, Georgia. Her music combines her roots as a classically trained musician, with honest songwriting and alternative pop production chops. Drawing inspiration from artists like Brooke Fraser, Maggie Rogers, and Madison Cunningham, Lane Marie has created a sound uniquely her own.

Lane Marie grew up in a musical family: her mom is a classical pianist and her father was a folk musician. From a young age, music served as a way to express herself and process the world. Lane Marie started writing her own music as a way to process her emotions after her father passed away while she was finishing college.

Since the release of her first EP, Lane has sold out regional venues, been featured in the Emmy Nominated PBS show View Finders, and built a dedicated following.

The Story Behind The Music

Lane’s first EP was written during the process of grieving her father’s death. Songwriting became a way for Lane to take the good and the bad and turn it into a piece of art that brings people together and allows them to work through their emotions and find hope in the midst of hard times. Seeing other people encouraged by her songs allows her to see purpose in her own hard times. As Alan Moore put it:

“Art makes us feel less alone. It makes us think: somebody else has thought this, somebody else has had these feelings.”

“When Will You See” was written as a letter to those who take on other people’s burdens that aren’t theirs to carry; something Lane Marie says she struggles with. The song reminds Lane Marie and her listeners that these burdens are “…not yours to carry…”

The Process of Making “When Will You See”

The song began as a piano ballad. Lane Marie worked with her husband Luke O’Kelley to record and mix it in their home studio, affectionately dubbed Red House Studio. Lane Marie knew she wanted the full released version to have more elements than just piano and vocals. When their friend Justin Patton laid down some electric guitars on the song, everything started to come together.

Luke laid down a bossa nova inspired drum part that breaks into a halftime groove on the choruses. Ben Crawford tracked bass, and Lane Marie showcased her vocal arrangement chops with some layered harmonies. If you listen closely, you can hear percussive ear candy like Luke playing a coffee cup in the verses, and a clock ticking in the prechoruses. The song was mixed by Luke, and mastered by Pierce Johnston.



What’s Next?

Lane Marie plans to release singles throughout the rest of the year that will make up a full album titled Changing. You can follow the process and hear each song when it’s available on social media:

Tik Tok:

You can check out her website to learn more about Lane Marie, support her music, and sign up for her email list:

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