Interview With Erin M. Jacobson, “The Music Industry Lawyer”

Today we had the pleasure to sit down with Erin M. Jacobson, an internationally recognized attorney who protects independent, established and legacy songwriters and artists, independent music publishers, distinguished legacy catalogs, heirs and estates, Grammy and Emmy award winners and other music professionals from her law practice based in Beverly Hills.

Erin has been named as one of the top music lawyers by Billboard magazine, and has been featured in publications like Billboard and Forbes as well as on networks such as ABC and the BBC. Erin is also the author of “Don’t Get Screwed – How to protect yourself as an independent musician.

She’s founder and owner of Indie Artist Resource, a company that empowers independent musicians to take charge of their music careers with contract templates and educational materials.

We had an awesome chat, and got into a whole variety of important topics; Songwriter split agreements, Work for hire contracts, when to register your work, the changing landscape of the music industry, and we talked a bit about NFT’s, uploading cover songs to Youtube, “Fair Use” and much more.

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