Interview With Rap Artist, Lyricist & Producer Merty Shango

Today we sat down with prolific NYC based singer, rap artist and songwriter Merty Shango.

Merty has had such an interesting career and approach to the music business. From literally buying a one way ticket to China with less than 1000 bucks in his pocket, to being signed to a Chinese label, then eventually being picked up by a European label… and then pivoting completely to build his career on his own terms.

Now with more than 70k monthly listeners on Spotify, as well as a busy career as a lyricist for other artists, Merty exemplifies what it takes to build a thriving career in the new music business.

We had an amazing conversation about his extensive travels, his philosophy, his approach to work, goal setting and so much more. I know you’re really going to enjoy, be inspired and learn a lot from our chat, so without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Check out Merty’s AirGigs profile here:

The background intro and outro music is by Daniel Hardin, and you’ll hear Merty’s music within the interview.

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