A Conversation With Top Rated Live & Session Drummer Brian Petry

Today we’re speaking with one of AirGigs’s all star members Brian Petry. Brian’s a professional live and session drummer based in Lafayette Louisiana. At the time of our original conversation Brian was closing in on 600 five star reviews, and as of today he’s already surpassed that.

Before coming to AirGigs, Brian spent years touring and working the Gulf Coast club scene with different original and cover bands. He’s had a wealth of experience from sitting in for a full set with The Dazz Band when their drummer was a no show, to opening for acts like 3 Doors Down and Train. He’s also currently endorsed by GMS Drums, Evans Heads and ProMark Sticks

We had a really awesome conversation, and Brian was super generous sharing his perspectives on working with clients, what it takes to succeed as a working musician and much more. You’ll hear clips of Brian’s playing interspersed within the podcast. So buckle up, I know you’re really going to dig this one. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

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