A Conversation With Isha Erskine (Multi-Platinum and Grammy Winning Producer, Engineer, Composer

In this episode, Luke O’Kelley sits down with multiplatinum and Grammy winning producer, engineer, and composer Isha Erskine to discuss his career in the music business.

Throughout his career as an engineer and producer, Isha has worked with artists like Maroon 5, Macy Gray, Fall Out Boy, Common, Kanye West, Ziggy Marley, Black Eyed Peas, Jeff, Beck, and many more. Isha also composes music for film and TV and has had his compositions featured in over 300 episodes of TV including: The Kardashians, 20/20, E News, Dateline NBC, Catfish, Bad Girls Club, Young and The Restless and more.

In this episode we discuss:
– How Isha first was introduced to music
– How he first started recording bands in his area
– His time as an intern and runner in major label studios
– How he went from intern/runner to a full time engineer working in some of the most well known studios in California
– Advice he would give a younger self
– His favorite piece of gear
– His take on live sound vs. in studio recording

The music in this episode includes:

“I Wanna Know” By Jeanna Love (1:40) (cowritten by Isha Erskine)
“Move On” By Katie Marie and Isha Erskine (33:37)

The background intro and outro music is by Daniel Hardin.

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