Beyond The Metronome: Establishing Organic Time Feel In Your Music

In the digital age of recording, organic/natural time feel, and effortless groove can seem like a thing of the past. It’s tempting to think of groove as mathematically perfect timing and quantize instruments to be perfectly on the grid. But the truth is, groove is more than mathematical perfection, some of the grooviest songs in history weren’t recorded to a click, and don’t have perfect time. And what’s more, some songs that have had every transient perfectly aligned still don’t feel great. So what’s the secret?

In this video, composer and producer Lucas Gonzalez shares his method for creating organic, effortlessly groovy performances. We can assure you, his method is much more enjoyable than spending hours analyzing wave forms in pursuit of gridded perfection. Check out the video below to see Lucas’s method…

For songs that include more organic instrumentation, Lucas suggests simply recording a groove with your voice, or by hitting your body that you can play along to before you start trying to track your final instrument takes. Don’t turn on a metronome, or think too hard about it, just try and sing or tap a groove that fits the song. Analyze your groove, and find the bar or two that you like the best and loop it. Now you can track your other instruments to this groove. Since you established the groove with the song in mind, it will be much easier to follow, and result in a much better, groovier result.

Interested in learning more about how to make your performances groove better? Check out Lucas’s Microlesson Groove Fundamentals

You can hire Lucas for your project at the link below:

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