What It Takes To Become A Music Arranger

Curious what it means to be an arranger, and how to approach musical arrangement successfully? In this video, professional arranger Lucas Gonzalez shares insights on arranging that he’s gained from years in the industry.

He covers aspects like:

1) Shaping

This involves arranging the different sections of the song into the appropriate order. Maybe the song was written with the guitar solo after the bridge, but could it work better as an intro, or after the first chorus?

2) Harmony

Lucas points out how choosing the right cords for a song can elevate it, or how the wrong cords can clash with the melody and distract from the overall production.

3) Orchestration

Any song can have different instrumentation. Choosing the instrumentation that fits the style and mood of the song is incredibly important for creating an effective song.

4) Technology

You don’t have to be a professional mix and mastering engineer to arrange, but in order to record instruments, and create a well produced song, it helps to understand recording technology.

5) Social Skills

Social skills (in person, and social media) are an incredibly important part of finding work, and maintain good working relationships.

You can hire Luca to arrange and produce your music at his AirGigs profile: https://www.airgigs.com/user/LUCAS111

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