AIRGIGS MUSIC: A Promotion Initiative For AirGigs Members

AirGigs has started putting together Spotify playlists of songs created by AirGigs buyers and sellers to help all AirGigs music creators get more streams and recognition for their music. We’ve been blown away by the hundreds of amazing submissions we’ve gotten from the community, and in an effort to create more opportunities we’ve launched the @airgigsmusic Instagram account.


AIRGIGS MUSIC is a way for us to promote AirGigs artists and musicians’ records that deserve to be celebrated. Right now, it consists of a form where AirGigs members can submit songs for consideration, 11 genre specific Spotify playlists of songs we love, and an Instagram account to promote the songs on those playlists. We’ll also be posting blogs reviewing songs on each playlist, and promoting them in our newsletter. AirGigs music is a growing initiative, and we are excited to provide more opportunities for music creators on AirGigs as we grow.


We listen to every song that is submitted, and add it to one of our current Spotify playlists if it’s a good fit. Once a song is added to a playlist, we promote it on our Instagram account, our blog, and our newsletter.

Who Can Submit Songs?

If you have an AirGigs profile, you are eligible to submit songs in our submission form for consideration in our Spotify playlists. You can submit any song that you were a part of that is currently on Spotify. You can submit songs that were created on the AirGigs platform, or created somewhere else. You can submit songs you were hired to work on as side person, or that you created as a group member, or that you created as a primary artist. Got a passion project? A song you’re proud to have been a part of? Whatever the case may be, fill out that form and we’d love to hear it!

Why Are We Doing This?

We know how hard it is to gain traction as a new artist, and we want to help! AirGigs is home to thousands of musicians creating thousands of songs, and we want to do our part to make sure those songs get heard by as many people as possible. We don’t want AirGigs to just be a helpful tool for creating music, but a place for you to find an audience, and promote your music.

What Genres Is AIRGIGS MUSIC Promoting?

Right now, AIRGIGS MUSIC has 11 Spotify Playlists. In no particular order:

1) AIRGIGS SAMPLER: A playlist that gives listeners a snapshot of the variety of artists that create and work on AirGigs. It features songs from all genres.

2) AIRGIGS MODERN POP: A playlist featuring songs that offer all the pristine production and catchiness of today’s modern pop music.

3) AIRGIGS ROCK: A playlist featuring everything from hard rock, to metal, to prog rock, to screamo, to goth rock, to grunge. Every song on this playlist has an edge to it.

4) AIRGIGS HIP HOP + R&B: A playlist featuring everything from neo soul, to lo-fi hip-hop, to gangsta rap, to modern R&B.

5) AIRGIGS JAZZ + FUNK: A playlist featuring an eclectic mix of straight ahead swing, fusion, funk, and chamber jazz.

6) AIRGIGS FOLK + ACOUSTIC: A playlist featuring everything from bluegrass, to folk, to acoustic singer/songwriter music.

7) AIRGIGS ALTERNATIVE: A playlist featuring songs that can roughly be described as alternative, indie, emo, etc. These songs are for the cool kid in all of us.

8) AIRGIGS COUNTRY: A playlist featuring everything from modern pop country, to alt country. They all have a southern twang, and a rural drawl.

9) AIRGIGS ELECTRONIC: A playlist featuring many shades of electronica: techno, dubstep, electronic pop, lo-fi, drum and bass, and lots in between.

10) AIRGIGS WORSHIP + CCM: A playlist featuring modern gospel, worship, and ccm music.

11) AIRGIGS AMBIENT: A playlist featuring instrumental ambient music of many types: orchestral, experimental, cinematic, and more. These songs are great for working, studying, or relaxing.

We are excited to offer this opportunity to our community to promote their music. We’re looking forward to growing and creating more playlists, and opportunities. Please support your fellow AirGigs members and follow and listen to these playlists, the @airgigsmusic Instagram, and submit your songs for promotion here.

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