How To Get A Big Drum Sound From A Small Room

In This AirGigs Video Blog, Grammy Winner and Multi-Platinum Producer Isha That Mad Scientist shares “How To Get A Big Drum Sound From A Small Room”

Regardless of how small your room is having drum room mics can add some ambience you just can’t get from your close mics. In this video you will hear some examples including turning the mics to face the wall to catch the ambient slapback of the drums. Since the sound waves are more delayed it makes the room sound much larger.

Treating Room Mics with 1176 All Button in Style Compression

You can take a listen to the classic technique of using a Universal Audio 1176 with All Button In to get an over the top pumping bombastic compression sound. Slate Audio has improved upon the idea with their plugin called Monster. It allows you to have parallel compression, and adjust the filters to keep the cymbals from getting to harsh without reaching for another EQ.

Sending A Room Mic To An Impulse Verb Followed by Monster

This is where the magic happens, we are simulating that the room mic is actually in a much bigger space, then using pumping 1176 all button in style compression to bring up all that juicy ambience. In the video you will hear how huge this can sound.

The Song “Springs Flower” was co-written between Isha and Katie both AirGigs members. Published by Black Toast Music for sync licensing.
Guitar and Bass performed by Isha Erskine
Drums performed by Katie Marie
You can hear the whole song hear:

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