Announcing The “UNDERGROUND HIP HOP + R&B” Spotify Playlist

Over the years, songwriters and producers have been able to create thousands of songs through the AirGigs platform. We are incredibly proud of the projects that we’ve been able to be a part of. As a way to help our clients promote their music, AirGigs is creating editorial Spotify playlists featuring AirGigs service providers.

Make sure to subscribe to our multi-genre “AIRGIGS SAMPLER” playlist and our “PURE COUNTRY” playlist. We’re excited to announce our third playlist the “UNDERGROUND HIP HOP + R&B” playlist. This playlist features some of the freshest hip-hop, r&b, and soul. You’ll find critically acclaimed artists like Talib Kweli and Big K.R.I.T., as well as independent powerhouses like Gee Smiff and Jizockk. Some of these songs were created remotely through the AirGigs platform, and all of them feature AirGigs service providers. Please follow the playlist for updates, and support these artists. Here’s the track list:

1) “Exit Through The Beat Drop” By Jizockk

Jizockk is a Miami based hip hop artist, producer, and engineer. His song “Exit Through The Beat Drop” showcases Jizockk’s syncopated rap flow as well as his smooth vocals. His dual threat approach is reminiscent of world class artists like Raury and Andre 3000. The song effectively juxtaposes a synthetic drum loop with smooth rhodes piano and sax noodling. The song also features the vocals of AirGigs session vocalist Camille René. Camille’s vocals blend perfectly giving the track even more texture.

2) “Walkin'” By Aaron Stephens

Austin based soul singer Aaron Stephens’ “Walkin’” is the first song off his sophomore release “Focus.” Aaron’s voice is everything you want in a modern soul singer: it’s got the perfect combination of grit, smoothness, and plenty of conviction. Joshua Hegg’s Fender Rhodes playing gives the song an ethereal texture. The off-kilter hip-hop style groove along with Aaron’s rhythmic guitar work gives the song the perfect swagger while the sax provides a tasteful counter melody to Aaron’s voice.

3) “Time Flies” By Bun B, Statik Selektah, Big K.R.I.T., Talib Kweli

This old-school collaborative hip hop track features a who’s who of rap royalty. The song talks about the passage of time, staying true to yourself, and appreciating people who have contributed to your success. Every rapper brings their unique perspective to reminiscing and appreciating their community, while still crafting a cohesive narrative. Even though the song was released in 2019, it channels the sound of classic 90’s rap. The song is held together by a consistent groove featuring AirGigs bassist Charles Berthoud.

4) “Love You” By Ricardo Dalli Cardillo feat. Dominique Mathurin

“Love You” is a powerful R&B song that effectively nods to the greats, while achieving a voice of its own. Falling in the middle of Ricardo’s debut album aptly titled “The First,” the song starts with a Rhodes intro that immediately reminds the listener of 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love.” Emily Dolan Davies’ drums tastefully creep their way into a groove that makes it #$%* near impossible to keep from bobbing your head. Ricardo’s layered keyboard parts tie the bobbing groove and Dominique’s soaring melody together seamlessly.

5) “Come Back Down” By Rifftunes

This track is a groovy modern r&b tune. The track’s production is minimalistic to make room for Marcus Hall’s vocals to shine. AirGigs’ session vocalist Marcus Hall is a prolific vocalist and songwriter that brings every song he’s a part of to life. Going for a night drive or trying to do some studying? Put “Come Back Down” on – you won’t regret it.

6) “So Close” By LEVI, MAIL

Nashville based artist and producer LEVI’s “So Close” is an approachable electronic/r&b tune with dreamy production. LEVI‘s breezy vocals reminisce over a lost relationship. LEVI’s delivery is believable and paired with the stellar production make for a compelling track.

7) “LVL UP” By Gee Smiff, Kwan Chi

Tenessee based rapper Gee Smiff showcases a seamless flow that’s chock full of clever metaphors in “LVL UP.” Kwan Chi builds on Smiff’s verses offering a fresh voice toward the end of the song.

8) “Things You Make Me Do” By Ashanti, Robin Thicke

A smooth love song from legendary pop/r&b stars Ashanti and Robin Thicke. “Things You Make Me Do” is a quintessential example of everything we love about mid 2000’s r&b. The production by AirGig’s own Chad “Beatz” Dexter is clean and groovy.

9) “Any Moment” By Mark Milez, T-Y

Detroit based rappers T-Y and Mark Milez team up for this hard hitting track. AirGig’s rapper T-Y’s verses cleverly discuss the struggle of putting your past mistakes behind you to pursue success. T-Y is an extremely experienced and hardworking rapper appearing on lots of other Detroit rapper’s releases.

10) “Sines” By DJ KYDD, Nessy The Rilla, Tony Millions

Another track from Detroit based rappers, “Sines” addresses being underestimated by your competition and overcoming the other people’s attempts to limit you. DJ KYDD lays down a smooth Migos style beat for rappers Tony Millions and Nessy The Rilla to flow on. Both rappers deliver killer verses.

11) “Summertime 2.0” By Jones 2.0

London based rapper Jones 2.0 offers up a relaxed, modern track in “Summertime 2.0.” The production is world class, from the beat to the Jones’ vocal processing, the song is the prefect beach/poolside jam.

12) “Nothin Less (feat. YBN Corbae)” By Curren$y, Statik Selektah, YBN Cordae

This track from producer Statik Selektah is a smooth classic hip hop track featuring world renown rappers Curren$y and YBN Cordae. The song talks about overcoming diversity to find success, and ignoring false success. The song is the second on the playlist that features AirGigs’ bassist Charles Berthoud.

13) “Defense” By Christian Enjel

Los Angeles based songwriter and rapper Christian Enjel delivers a banger in “Defense.” Christian handles the verses and the chorus with a smooth flow and some tasteful autotune processing. The song’s production is hard hitting and clean.

That concludes our initial picks for our “UNDERGROUND HIP HOP + R&B” Spotify playlist. These are just a few of the thousands of songs that have been created through AirGigs. We hope you follow the playlist for new additions and support these talented featured artists. We will be releasing more genre specific playlists in the coming months. If you have music that you’d like to submit for consideration in one of our playlists, feel free to fill out our submission form at this link, or through button below.

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