Announcing The “PURE COUNTRY” Spotify Playlist

Over the years, songwriters and producers have been able to create thousands of songs through the AirGigs platform. We are incredibly proud of the projects that we’ve been able to be a part of. As a way to help our clients promote their music, AirGigs is creating editorial Spotify playlists featuring AirGigs service providers.

A few months ago we released our first editorial Spotify playlist The “AIRGIGS SAMPLER” – a multi-genre playlist featuring some of our favorite songs created through the AirGigs platform. We are excited to release our second editorial Spotify playlist the PURE COUNTRY playlist. This playlist features a variety of songs with a southern drawl, and a rural twang. You’ll find everything from modern pop country to outlaw country to alternative country on this playlist, but it’s all authentic. You’ll find big names like Rodney Atkins and Sturgill Simpson alongside up-and-comers like Gregg Bolger and WILKES. Some of these songs were created remotely through the AirGigs platform, and all of them feature AirGigs service providers. Please follow the playlist for updates, and support these artists.

AirGigs clients and service providers can submit songs for consideration in these playlists through the song submission form at the end of this post. While only a portion of submissions will be featured, we listen to every song, and will be updating the playlists periodically. Without further ado, here are our picks for PURE COUNTRY playlist:

1) “Keep It Between The Lines” By Sturgill Simpson

This track is a groovy soul/country tune off of Simpson’s third album that pushes the boundaries of stereotypical country. Simpson prominently features a blazing horn section and a belting gospel choir: two elements not commonly associated with country music of any decade. The rhythm section is especially happenin’ on this tune. Miles Miller and AirGig’s own Dave Roe hold down a monstrous groove that gives the song an undeniable forward motion. Dave Roe’s musical sensibilities and deep pocket can be found all over the album, and on a host of other legendary albums from Dan Auerbach, Carrie Underwood, Ray Lamontagne, Dwight Yoakam, John Mellencamp, and Johnny Cash.

2) “She’s My Fire” By Bubba Westly

“She’s My Fire” is the second song off of Bubba Westly’s first full album release. It’s a wide open modern country song with all the appropriate grit and sparkle. Westly’s rumbling vocals and AirGig’s Brandon Autry’s driving guitars set it apart as particularly effective. We recommend cranking this song on a night drive through rural countryside. Brandon Autry is a Nashville based multi-instrumentalist that’s also played with Chase Rice, Brandon Ray, and many others.

3) “Good To Be Us” By WILKES

WILKES delivers a true rock n’ roll country banger that celebrates the beautiful everyday things that make life sweet. The song effortlessly weaves together complex rhythms and guitar riffs with an infectious melody. WILKES made his debut as a contestant on NBC’s The Voice and has wowed fans with his original music ever since. You can hire the man behind WILKES, Jason Wilkes, to record vocals for your songs right here on AirGigs.

4) “I’m All In” By Gregg Bolger

Gregg is a Canada based country singer that’s showing that Nashville doesn’t have a monopoly on well crafted country songs. Airgigs’ own Kevin Stokley mixed this song, and John Marlin produced it and played guitars. Gregg Bolger is also a session vocalist through AirGigs.

5) “Devil Music” By Kevin Stokley

“Devil Music” is a nostalgic midtempo country single that reminisces about great classic rock songs often labeled “Devil Music” by concerned parents. The song has a loping swagger of a groove led by master drummer Hubert Payne (Little Big Town, Keb Mo’, Jake Owen, Hunter Hayes, etc.). Payne is an AirGigs session drummer, and never fails to disappoint clients with his deep pocket and incredibly musical sensibilities. The song was mixed by Kevin Stokley himself.

6) “Can’t Keep A Town” By Pauline Andrés

French born, Nashville based Pauline Andrés’ sultry “Can’t Keep A Town” is a layered western lullaby. With prominent pedal steal guitars, and a voice often described as “sweet and smokey,” Pauline makes the listener feel like a homesick wanderer trekking across the open plains. Pauline is an AirGig’s session singer, lyricist, songwriter, and producer. AirGig’s session player and multi-instrumentalist Andy Ellison played pedal steel on the song and many other AirGig’s projects.

7) “Rich And Famous” By Sun Bear Records

Sun Bear Records “Rich And Famous” is a classic country anthem about achieving the American dream. It features articulate guitars, blazing keys, and a great chorus hook. The song was composed and produced by Grammy nomminated Airgigs seller Charles Harnach. Harnach has worked with Jo Jo Scott, Charles Benson, The Blind Boys of Alabama, and has had a hand in more than 100 songs through the AirGigs platform alone.

8) “It Would Break Me” By King Commoner

This hopeful alt country song mixes elements of folk and spacey synths with an authentic southern flare. King Commoner is a singer-songwriter from the Eastside of LA. Weaving beneath the vocal melody at times and then soaring into the stratosphere in the instrumentals, Brandon Bankes’ pedal steal playing is beautiful and emotional. The song also features the contributions of veteran Airgigs session drummer Emily Dolan Davies.

9) “Time Was A Song” By The Tuten Brothers

The Tuten Brothers’ “Time Was A Song” is a driving modern pop anthem that reminisces about a lost summer romance. The layered instrumentation, world class production, and the brothers’ heartfelt delivery make this song great. The Tuten Brothers are a Nashville based country duo made up of brothers Sam and Walker Tuten. Sam Tuten is also an Airgigs session singer.

10) “Good Company” By Jake Owen

This Beachy party song is a refreshing blend of pop country and Caribbean flavor. It falls right in the middle of Jake Owen’s album “American Love.” The swung groove reinforces the laid back mood of the song which celebrates having a good time with good people. The various layers of Lukas Bracewell’s ukele and electric guitars give the song a clean tropical texture and help emphasize the overall swing of the song. Lukas is an AirGigs session guitarist and producer, and has played with Jake Owen since 2015.

11) “Redneck” By The Boys, Brandon Autry

“Redneck” celebrates rural southern life in general, especially growing crops. The song features blazing guitars from the prolific AirGig’s session guitarist Brandon Autry.

12) “My Life” By Rodney Atkins

“My Life” is an earnest country love ballad. Atkins sings about how love can make a directionless life meaningful. He describes things about himself that he now loves because his loved one is a part of them, finishing the chorus with “I love my life ’cause you’re in it.” Throughout the song, a rhythmic acoustic guitar picking pattern played by Clint Wells gives the song an honest and emotional tone. Clint is an AirGigs session guitarist and singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN.

That concludes our initial picks for our PURE COUNTRY playlist. These are just a few of the thousands of songs that have been created through Airgigs. We hope you follow the playlist for new additions and support these talented featured artists. We will be releasing more genre specific playlists in the coming months. If you have music that you’d like to submit for consideration in one of our playlists, feel free to fill out our submission form at this link, or through button below.

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