How to make the most of performing on Television (Specifically reality TV)

You’ve been accepted on to a reality show – congratulations!

But … what now?

What if I don’t win?

How do I make sure I’m utilizing the full potential of this opportunity?

It’s important to enter any situation with as much information as possible, especially when you find yourself on the big screen. So good job on the researching!

Entering the world of television seems exciting and colorful, full of promises of things to come. Don’t be hypnotized. When it comes down to it, it’s still a TV show, and they’re only here for ratings. Ratings equals advertisers, which equals money. They are using you to make money.

That’s fine, if you’re aware of it going in. The contract sucks. They can ask for up to 50% of your income for the next two years EVEN IF YOU DON’T PASS THE FIRST AUDITION. Knowing what you’re getting into is your best bet for the future.

Although the best of us do it, going into the show believing ‘I’m going to win’ is the biggest mistake you can make. Even if you truly believe that you’re going to win, go with a promotional goal. The real victory will be if you can find an audience that will cling to you even after the program. I mean, let’s be honest- even if you do win, how many winners have really made it big?

For the audition itself, there’s a couple of things I’ve noticed that are important to take into consideration;

After a few auditions in front of the crew and show producers, they will inform you if you have reached the judges stage. For that audition:

-Choose a song that is comfortable for you to sing. I cannot stress that enough!! Even better, sing an original song if possible. This way even if you don’t make it too far, you’ll have an original out there that has been heard. You will hear the sentence ‘I know what’s best, I’m a professional’ from the staff. If you don’t feel comfortable with the song choice, make it known. Don’t sing anything you don’t want to sing.

-As a singer, we find we usually sing better in the evening, having let our voices warm up. BUT, you never know what time you’ll be called to sing on stage. Could be in the morning when you arrive (at 6:30 AM!) Or 4:00 PM. Be prepared to waste a LOT of time, and bring a book because they will confiscate your phone.

-Relax. It really is just another audition.

-Take a Selfie in the audition outfit before they take your phone! you’ll want a picture to post online when the audition airs. And if we’re on the subject of selfies;

The most important thing you can do is make sure is that all your social media pages are in place and ready for action.

You’ll need to make sure:

1. It’ll be super easy to find you. If your name is written in a different language on your pages on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, take notice! no one will be able to find you.

You will not get a first chance again, and people will search for you online only once.

2. Be prepared to promote yourself! Make a few pre-broadcast videos, so you’ll have material ready to post in 15 minutes. The audience is constantly updated about other singers, so make sure you give them enough reason to love you most out of all the candidates.

3. Talk to your new fans! People will write to you – that you made them feel, that you shocked, that you starred. This is not something you can take for granted, express gratitude and invite them to share your videos.

Good luck with the audition, and you’re welcome to share with us: What else can you do to promote yourself with a TV appearance coming up?

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