In Session With Jess Perkins

In session with Jess Perkins, Pedal Steel, Upright Bass and Dobro player from Nashville TN. Jess grew up going to studios from a very young age with his dad, Grammy award winning pedal steel/dobro player Al Perkins. Jess has had wealth of live and studio experience and can play in a variety of styles.

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His guitars::
1971 ZB Custom D-11 pedal steel
1972 ZB Custom SD-11 pedal steel
1974 ZB Custom D10-11 pedal steel
1976 MSA Sidekick S-10 pedal steel
1954 Dual 8 Professional non-pedal steel
1946 Gibson BR-6 lap steel
2005 Morell dobro with Joe Glazier setup including Quarterman cone

His recording gear:
-MacBook Pro
-Pro Tools 12
-Focusrite Clarett 4 pre interface with thunderbolt connection
-sE Electronics Gemini 2 Condenser Mic
-(late 60’s) Unidyne 3 SM-57 Dynamic Mic
-Shure Beta 52A Dynamic Mic
-All 1/4″ instrument and XLR cables are Asterope Pro Studio cables

Amplifier: Risson Super Tube Amp running on two 6550s thru a JBL D120F (This amp is a prototype 1 of 25 ever made specially designed for studio use by his father Al Perkins and Bob Rissi in the 1970’s)

Music by Kiely Schlesinger – Ain’t Nobody’s Business

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