5 Ways To Create A Killer Gig

Here are some essential tips for creating a great gig that will stand out to potential buyers. While online collaboration has been happening since the mid 90’s, the concept of a marketplace for online recording, mixing and mastering gigs is relatively new. So it’s not a bad idea to put a little effort into creating an awesome gig. Be creative, have fun, but don’t forget to sell baby sell!!!

1) Fix Your Price

All gigs must have a fixed price. The fixed price thing is really important to grasp. No hourly rates, no back and forth negotiations – just one fixed price per gig. A simple way of pricing your gig is setting a price “per song”. Let clients know exactly what you are willing to do for 1 song. You can also consider package pricing for your gig, where you price per multiple songs. For example, “Mastering for up to 10 songs for… “. Do not try to include everything you can do under the sun in one gig. Creating additional gigs does not cost you anything, so make the pricing for each gig really straightforward.

When setting your gig price be aware that some projects will be more labor intensive then others. Spend a minute thinking through all the possible situations that could come up. Take the example of a mixing engineer working with 16 tracks as opposed 96. Mixing 96 tracks of audio would require a lot more time and energy than 16. In this case creating separate gigs specific to the number of tracks i.e. “Mixing of 1 song up to 24 tracks for…Mixing of 1 song up to 48 tracks for…” Remember you don’t have to fit all your skills and talents into a single gig.

2) Be Specific & Communicate

The more specific you are the better. You have to get into the mindset of someone who might want to buy your gig. Remember, to the buyer you are a stranger, and anything you can do to make them feel good about working with you will be to your advantage. Try to invite them into your process and studio. Include relevant background information on yourself such as credits or past work. Give them a brief explanation of how your process works. Be clear about how you want files (session files, scratch recordings, etc) prepared. Let them know what type of gear you will be using and how many (if any) revisions you will provide. Think of your gig as a “sales page”, where you give potential buyers everything needed to buy that specific service and nothing else.

It can also be really effective to invite new clients to contact you with questions before buying. Establishing good communication goes a long way to making clients feel comfortable and at ease.

3) Price Your Gigs Competitively

One of the advantages of selling your service on AirGigs, is that you get to work on projects from your own studio. The main thing to consider is why would a client buy your online gig over something they could find at a local recording studio? Do the math and make sure you are providing them enough incentive to work with you online. When you are first getting started on AirGigs you may want to offer a slight discount to get some sales in the door and build up your profile.

4) Add Sound Clips & Video

Adding sound clips and video really help bring your gig to life. Let them hear and see why they should work with you.

5) Do A Little Self Promotion

Once you’ve created your gig there is no reason not to share it with friends on your social networks. You easily share your gig by clicking one of the social sharing icons located beneath your gig description.

The more buzz you help to create around your gig, the more prominent your gig will appear in Google searches and on AirGigs.com. In addition to our overall marketing efforts, we will be marketing specific gigs that are clear and well structured. You can always contact us at help@airgigs.com for feedback on how to make your gig better.

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